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These Three Dogs Work At A Gas Station And Are Inseparable

Three cute canines named Marmaduke, Mano, and Trakinas presently work at a petrol station in the Brazilian city of So Leopoldo. No one is aware of their background; all that is known is that they are now inseparable. When Gabriel Corrêa purchased the service station where they were a huge “nuisance” to the previous owner, he learned about them last month.

“When we took over in February, we were informed that there were occasionally some dogs that went there in search of food and refuge at night. They warned us against feeding or caring for them since they would remain there indefinitely if we did.

The guy chose to disregard the advice. Instead, he and his coworkers fell deeply in love with the three dogs and made the decision to spoil them with food and affection each time they visited the station. Eventually, they stopped going there altogether.

Gabriel said:

“I love dogs”.

The owner was so moved by the dogs’ strong bond that he decided to hire them full-time. To let the customers know that they are now a recognized member of the team, he fashioned little necklaces with their names.

In reality, these canine companions are in responsible of making the gas station employees smile every day, even if it appears that the attendants are aiding the canines.