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Dog Was Abandoned At The Train Station And Hundreds Of People Saw Her, But Only One Made A Difference

Hundreds of people noticed a dog that had been abandoned at a New York train station during rush hour, but only one was able to intervene and save the anxious and distressed canine that was tethered to the subway platform.

At Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal, hundreds of passengers hurriedly went to catch their trains without pausing to assist the dog tethered to a railing.

She was wearing a spiked collar and had a waste bag on her side, giving the impression that someone had placed the dog there as if she were a bed. The dog was abandoned at the railway station and appeared to have just given birth.

According to Marisa Grimshaw of Mr. Bones & Co., “it had been there for at least an hour and no one had contacted the police or animal control.” We can only speculate as to how many people passed her by and didn’t believe it was usual since they didn’t feel obligated to stop and assist her.

The animal was brought to an animal shelter in Brooklyn, where staff members given it the name Betsey.

Betsey was quiet, Marisa notes. “However, the shelter’s staff seemed unconcerned about her conduct. She made the other dogs smell her by wagging her tail.

Most importantly, Betsey kept in touch with her first New York City buddy. Sarah was not forgotten by her. When Sarah visited Betsey at the shelter, Marisa reports that Betsey was delighted to see her there the following day and that she remembered her.

Marisa claims that it looks Betsey was a canine used for commercial purposes, used for breeding, and then mercilessly dumped.

Marisa explains, “We have no idea where her pups are. But there is no question that she was being used to raise puppies, and it’s likely that they are being sold.

Betsey, who is only two years old, appears to have had several litters so that a heartless person could make money without working.

In order to quickly find Betsey a foster family, Sarah and Mr. Bones assisted Betsey in leaving the shelter. But before Betsey moved to the foster home, Sarah wanted to spend the first night with her.

The following day, Betsey was transferred to the foster home, but she is still looking for a permanent home and a family who can appreciate that she is still getting used to being someone’s dog.