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Brave Hen Escapes From The Farm Where She Would Be Slaughtered And Finds Love In A New Home

Even the courageous hen in this tale who chose to flee her horror and start again has the right to have their lives recognized and safeguarded.

The chicken industry is a really brutal business wherein birds are treated like commodity and have very little value placed on their lives. You may not be aware of this or might prefer to ignore it.

The hen utilized her instincts to leave the hatchery where she was being kept, and while making her getaway, she came across a married couple who chose to assist her.

They could not leave it alone since they believed the bird may have escaped from the breeding farm and it would have been the cruelest outcome for the hen.

The Open Cage group, which spearheads campaigns against this sector and works to rescue the animals that reside in those areas, was contacted by these individuals for assistance in dealing with the matter.

This is to at least guarantee that they are treated well and have a peaceful death. By approving this petition, you may support them in their battle.

The animal ran away from the situation and hid in the Danish family’s backyard. The young animal was on the edge of hypothermia the day they discovered her because of the frigid weather in the region. She pleaded for help in finding a secure location to seek refuge since she was scared, lonely, and hungry.

The couple in issue was really Lina Lind Christensen and her husband, who both run animal shelters. Even if they are aware that the hen is from a nearby farm, if they battle to protect the lives of the most helpless, they won’t turn their backs on the hen.

With the aid of the group, they were able to secure the creature’s legal release; he or she now had to be ready to begin a new life.

The hen was fatigued during its first several days with the husband and wife because of the long travel it had just taken and needed time to rest. Days later, the little child realized she could trust the Christensens and was secure with them.