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This Cute Dog Takes The Train Every Day, Now Everyone Knows Him And Loves Him A Lot

Meet this cute stray dog named Boji. He is giving so much happiness and joy to everyone in Istanbul’s public transportation. He also tries to uses trams, metros and trains.

“Two months ago, we noticed a dog trying to use our trams, metros and our trains and he knows where to go and he knows where to get out,” Aylin Erol, head of customer relations at Metro Istanbul, told CNN. “It was quite interesting and we have started to follow him. And it was really an interesting pattern. It’s something like that he knows where to go and has a purpose.”

A vet saw him one day and decided to do a health check to Boji. But now dog is so famous on public transit.

Everyone knows him.

Boji even knows all the rules. That’s cool right?

“Boji knows all the rules of travel, gives way to the disembarking passengers, waits, enters the train, and calmly finds a place for himself,” wrote Cumhuriyet. “When he misses the subway, he runs after the subway.”

Boji is so adorable!