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Dog Abandoned In A Shelter Rests Her Head On The Hand Of A Stranger Who Would Change Her Life

A dog that had been abandoned at a shelter in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, was dejected and appeared to want to shrink. Even the note that was connected to her cage read, “She has no name.” Photographer John Hwang frequently visits the shelter to snap images of the animals to make it easier for them to find homes, and this week he came across this small puppy.

According to John Hwang, iHeartDogs:

She kept her distance from the barrier. She was hidden away, a little canine huddled up in a chilly, dark kennel. My initial assumption was that she was one of those canines who experiences shock when interacting with people in this setting.

After a while and for some reason, she gathered strength and did something unexpected.

John uttered:

“People frequently inquire how I select the pets. The shelter has a huge number of dogs. It simply happens for me. I’m more drawn to relationships. The connection is what I want to record.

This unidentified girl and John struck up a connection when she stood up, pressed her face against the barrier, then found a spot to poke her head out and lay it on the photographer’s extended hand.

John uttered:

The way he approached me was really lovely. I thought she was performing my duties effectively. She was attempting to approach me. I wanted to be able to capture and convey how much she wanted to connect with someone, I thought.

She was adopted a few days after many people posted John’s lovely images on social media.