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This Man Lives With 9 Rescued Animals And Can’t Stop Adopting More

Along with an odd family, Lee Asher dwells in Los Angeles, California. This man has nine rescued animals in his home, and he cares for them all equally. He has always had the noble calling to care for animals, which is why he has saved 16 of them throughout his life. He used to spend a lot of time as a young child in a shelter close to his home to learn about the rescue procedure and the individuals engaged in it.

To The Dodo, Asher said:

“I always knew I would have a house full of rescued animals when I grew up, so to see where I am today is not a great surprise to me or to anyone who knew me from a young age,” the person said.

Inspiration comes from a love of dogs and the knowledge that by rescuing a dog, you are also making room for additional rescued animals to be adopted. It’s a wonderful feeling and a win-win situation.

Asher currently has seven dogs and two cats living with him; the names of the dogs are Yaffa, Molly, Cali, Bo Bo, Butters, Haven, and Lillie, while the names of the cats are Whiskey and Goose.

Says Asher:

“It provides nonstop entertainment, and I’m grateful to live in a home where there is so much love and dog fur.”

Butters, for instance, was being mistreated by a terrible person who was attempting to sell him when he was just a puppy, while Lillie was discovered lying in the mud behind a garbage can while also having seizures. He has always been able to rehabilitate these creatures.

Says Asher:

“She was a mess, but I could tell she was unique because of her two sluggish eyes. She was made available for adoption after a three-week wait. We’re going to have a terrific time when you get out of here, I loved to assure her when I visited her three to four times a week.