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This Beaver Was Found Abandoned After His Parents Were Killed, He Got Rescued And Now Is Getting Better

Meet Beave, a rescued beaver that now has a loving life and family. He lives with Nancy, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

They are so happy together- and that’s a fact. This lovely beaver was found abandoned in the streets.

It is believed that beaver’s parents were killed. Beave needed a lot of care and attention.

Nancy is taking care of this abandoned beaver. Now he is being taught how to eat solid food.

Also, Beave is in rehab, and plans to stay there for 2 years. This cutie loves swimming and learning new things.

“Beave is just starting to dam with household objects, but has not yet started outside or in water,” elaborated Nancy. “He dams pretty much every evening. When I clean it up, he just rebuilds!”

He is happy and is getting better day by day!