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Rescued Black Cat With “Vampire” Teeth Looks Like A Character From A Halloween Movie

Meet Monkey, the black cat with vampire teeth who looks just like a character from a Halloween movie. He is a rescue cat who lives in NY State with his loving owner, and his teeth are for real. The kittie’s human Nicole Rienzie was in a car on her way home when her mother nearly hit a black kitten. When they got out of the car, they saw a cat that was malnourished, covered in bugs and dirt, and with an eye infection so big, he could barely see where he was going.

“At first I tried to find him a home but I realized how much our meeting was divine alignment. I needed him just as much,” Rienze told LoveMeow. Soon after Renzie adopted the cute cat, his teeth started to grow, and she realized the cat was special…

Monkey’s canines kept growing and getting longer and longer until the feline started to look like a little vampire. Rienze started to worry, so she took Monkey to the vet who told her the cat was completely fine. The long fangs in cats are rare, but it does happen.

“When people look at pictures, a lot of the time they think they’re fake,” Rienzie says. “I’ve had people say they’re Photoshopped. But they’re not – they’re just his funny cat teeth. They’re always amazed, wondering why they’re like that.