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Woman Enters A Shelter And Takes Home The 2 Dogs That Had Been There The Longest

A North Carolina animal shelter posted a touching tale on social media that started with a woman entering the facility’s front doors and asking a straightforward inquiry that would alter the lives of two dogs.

According to KDVR, a woman by the name of Leslie enquired about two canines at the Asheville Humane Society who had been there the longest and required the most particular care.

Lesley stated:

I’m coming to take you both home.

Asheville Humane Society

According to the shelter, Sam and Brutus were introduced to Leslie. Sam was at the shelter for six months before being adopted and then given back. He also had significant medical issues. Brutus, who spent five months there, had acute separation anxiety since his family had given him up as a sacrifice when he was just 13 years old.

Asheville Humane Society

Leslie talked calmly to the two wonderful creatures who had been through so much as she led the two dogs to the car, according to comments made by the shelter’s workers on Facebook. She declared that Sam and Brutus are now her true family, whom she would cherish throughout the rest of her life.

Asheville Humane Society

And Leslie specifically promised Brutus—who freaks out when left alone—that he would never again be alone.

According to the shelter, these canines will now reside in Leslie’s three-story house, which also has a two-acre fenced-in yard, where they will have a wonderful place to spend their latter years.