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The Cutest Home Depot Employee Ever Is A Dog

Heaven was terrified of everything when she initially moved in with Jackie Rakers.

The scruffy rescue dog from Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter had a rocky start in life and was afraid of strangers and loud noises.

Fortunately, her mother discovered the ideal venue to assist her in breaking out of her shell: Home Depot.


Rakers told The Dodo, “The Home Depot runs started as a means to help her with her worries.” “She was afraid of strange places and sounds, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d receive all the treats,” she explained. Then we started visiting for longer and longer periods of time, exposing her to more and more of the store’s offerings.”

Heaven was a wonderful girl on her visits to the enormous, dog-friendly business, and she got her own miniature staff apron since she was such a good girl.


When the apron comes out, she knows she’s about to head to her favorite location.

Rakers explained, “I keep it in the car so we’re always ready.” “As soon as she realizes we’re in the parking lot, she quivers and waits for me to put [the apron] on her before running off to ‘work.'”

Rakers said, “She goes around like she owns the area.”


Heaven has become something of a celebrity at her local Home Depot, where everyone knows her by name and a photo of her hangs in the break room.

And, despite the fact that she is not an official employee, she provides exceptional customer service when she visits her favorite business.

Rakers remarked, “She wanders around doing her own business and then insists on meeting someone.” “All she does is sit and look.” They’ll always mention how much they needed that pick-me-up. It’s as if she has a sense of who needs to be shown love that day – and Home Depot is one of her favorite venues to do so!”


Heaven enjoys going on errands with her mother, and she always finds someone who is having a bad day and could use a smile.

“She was terrified of everything at first, but with a lot of practice and patience, she learnt to trust, and now it’s as though she pays it forward,” says the author “Rakers remarked. “She seeks someone who needs her and offers them a hug and a smile.”