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Dog Is Shocked When He Feels A Baby Kick In His Mom’s Belly For The First Time

Goose is a sweet rescue dog that adores his family without condition. He is so appreciative of the affection he has had since meeting his new parents that he always works to ensure their safety. He also developed a strong sense of protectiveness after he learned that his mother was expecting.

According to the lady, Goose always seemed to be aware of something new going on around her, but up until the day she noticed her mother’s tummy moving, she wasn’t sure exactly what Goose knew was going on.

He has been a little bit more attached to me after I became pregnant. He lies on my tummy all the time and frequently touches my belly with his nose.


Goose was laying her head on her mother’s womb a few days before her due date when she unexpectedly felt her impending sibling kick from within.

The dog’s expression spoke it all as he comprehended what was going on; shocked, he had a thousand emotions mirrored in his stare.

Goose had a plethora of emotions at that same time, but fortunately, everything was captured in a cute and brief movie. Unquestionably one of the cutest things ever is how he reacts.