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Kids Throw Rocks At This Friendly Pit Bull Who Was Just Looking To Be Loved

Buddha had to hide behind some trash cans to stop kids from throwing stones at him. It is crucial to make clear that this pit bull was unjustly assaulted while only attempting to be kind. Sadly, he sustained injuries.

Fortunately, Hope For Paws in Los Angeles, California, intervened to provide assistance.

The pit bull was too scared and perplexed for the rescuers to approach when they attempted.

Image/ Hope For Paws

In the video you can see how Buddha wants to come out of hiding, but his fear prevented him.

Watch the rescue of Buddha:

The pit bull had undoubtedly endured starvation on the streets for a large portion of his existence, yet he still couldn’t resist the impulse to enjoy a delicious hamburger that the rescuers served him.

Image/ Hope For Paws

When they finally succeeded in reassuring Buddha that he was completely secure, the dog affectionately put his head on the driver as a sign of appreciation and confidence as they drove to the rescue facility.

Image/ Hope For Paws

Many people believe that certain breeds of dogs are “dangerous,” but Buddha disproved this notion by choosing to hide despite having the means to defend himself. Buddha also always preserved a noble demeanor.

Today, Buddha resides in a permanent place where he gets all the affection he merits.

Image/ Hope For Paws