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Cute Baby Bunnies That Will Melt Your Heart

Have you ever had your hands full of adorable? Well, after seeing these cute photos, you will at least wish you had.

Blue Clover Rabbitry from the Pacific Northwest is a heaven on earth for those, who love fluffy adorable animals that fit in your palms. Blue Clover Rabbitry has been breeding rabbits from 2011 and helped hundreds of tiny fluffy bunnies to find their loving families. They specialize in raising Holland lops.

The owner and operator of the Rabbitry is Adriana who is proud of their close and hands-on approach towards the breading of the adorable bunnies. “We handle our bunnies from day one when they are born,” she wrote on their website. “It is not dangerous for our baby bunnies to be handled when they are newborns because our rabbits are domesticated and we have a very strong bond to all of our does. They will not reject their babies like wild rabbit mothers would do.”

“Their first sense is touch. Once you’ve created that warm and safe bond holding these baby animals in your hands, when their eyes open they can quickly associate that you are a safe zone for them. Bonding with them when they are newborns is a crucial part of raising baby bunnies at Blue Clover!”