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This Japanese Company Pays Its Employees To Rescue And Adopt Cats

Cats have been utilized by Ferray Corporation, a Japanese business based in Tokyo that specializes in computer consulting and the creation of websites and applications, to enhance the working environment for its staff. Tokyo is a big city with many of flats that are either too tiny for dogs or don’t allow them.

Some residents may find it challenging to own pets in addition to working long hours. However, Ferray Corporation made the decision to provide its staff the best of both worlds. Employees can enjoy a rewarding profession and a feline friend because they are permitted to bring their cats to work.

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There are currently 9 furry employees who keep an eye on things in the office, despite the fact that they occasionally cause damage owing to their shenanigans.

The adoptive cats spend their days in the workplace, where they are surrounded by desks, computers, and people. The staff acknowledges that the animals have decreased stress and enhanced the working environment as well as the company’s production.

As reported by Rocket News 24:

“They seem to walk on keyboards, chew on LAN connections, scrape walls, rip paper, and of course accidently turn off computers. The cats sleep directly on top of the gathering tables and have a nasty habit of exploring the customers’ bags by falling into them.

Despite their antics, the Japanese company’s owners are so pleased with the adoption of the cats that they encourage their staff to adopt additional cats and even reward them with bonuses.