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Dog Throws A Fit Over The Attention His Brother Is Getting

Ever been jealous of your siblings when your parents gave them too much attention, while growing up? Maybe they held their hand a little bit longer than they held yours while going for a walk; or, they gave them a little pat on the back for a job well done, and not you. I know that feeling.

It’s not just us humans though that have the feeling of jealousy when it comes to our parents—dogs feel the same, and the video in this post is a clear (and funny) example of how jealous dogs can really get when it comes to their siblings getting some love.

Dinky is a giant Great Dane that’s sitting on the sofa patiently waiting for his human dad to quit scratching his brother so he can get down and take all the attention back. When his owner tells him to stay put and that now it’s his brother’s turn, Dinky the Great Dane just isn’t taking that as a valid answer. He puts up the cutest, yet loud, hissy fit with his owner!

Watch in the video how when the man says “no” the Great Dane starts to bark and growl, ways of intimidating him. The funniest is when his arguing goes to no avail and he pretty much lets go of his body and plops on the sofa. At this, both his owner couldn’t contain their laughter and they burst out laughing at their silly, lovable pup.

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