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Pitbull Saves Baby From Fire By Dragging Her By Diaper

Two buildings of a fourplex were damaged by a fire in Stockton, California. The 8-month-old pit bull called Sasha helped a family escape uninjured, and by notifying in time, the dog helped them save the other neighbors as well.

Sasha began pounding on the rear door as the buildings were being consumed by fire. The frantic sound Sasha made at the door startled Latana Chai out of her dream as she slept in her home.

Sasha was barking and pushing herself against the rear door when Latana got up to investigate.


She said to KCRA 5:

“What the heck is wrong with you, I thought as she raced and began barking as soon as I reached the door? Why do you always do that? When I raised my head, I could see my neighbor’s home was emitting black smoke. The flames could be seen starting to emerge.”

Latana noticed Sasha standing next to her as she hurried into the bedroom to collect her 7-month-old daughter Masailah.


Latana is grateful for her dog’s bravery and hopes that others would think twice about keeping pit bulls as family pets now that she and her family are trying to rebuild their lives after losing their houses.

Latana declared:

“It was profound. He is all I owe. I may still be in bed and things might have grown worse if it weren’t for her.”

Sasha was left out on one of the few occasions, according to her, and she said that this was the main factor in their survival.