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Cat Gets Her Own Rug So She Can Participate in Her Family’s Prayer Time

When Tofu was only a few months old, she was rescued from the streets. Because the person who discovered her was unable to care for her, Mohammad Fahmi chose to adopt her, and she is now a very essential and cherished member of the family.

Fahmi told The Dodo, “I convinced my mother to let Tofu remain.” “No one in the family used to enjoy pets, but today everyone loves Tofu.”


Tofu is an inquisitive cat that enjoys being a part of whatever is going on around her. She enjoys her entire family and wishes to be with them at all times, regardless of what they are doing.

Fahmi’s father usually prays five times a day in the mosque, but because to the recent coronavirus outbreak, it’s better for him to stay at home. Instead, he and Fahmi have started praying at home together, and Tofu has joined them every time.


“Tofu likes it when all of our family members are in one place, so if my father and I go to pray together, she joins us and simply sits or bothers us,” Fahmi explained.

Tofu enjoys rolling around on the prayer rugs as her family tries to pray, so they tried giving her her own little rug to play with – and it mostly worked.


“It took a time for her to realize that the tiny rug is for her so she doesn’t bother the others,” Fahmi added. “That was a trip rug (adults only use it to cover the area of our face that contacts the ground), but we don’t use it very much anyhow, so why not use it for Tofu?”


Tofu will always look forward to praying with her family. It’s a time for them all to be together in her thoughts, and that’s what means most to her.