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Former Russian Special Forces Soldier Is Dedicated To Saving Animals

Alexey Sedoy, a former Russian Special Forces officer, has been living alone for the past two years. The former soldier has been caring for juvenile moose on his farm in the Shakhovskoy area of the Moscow region, where he has his own little sanctuary in the heart of the forest. Despite the fact that he is far distant from his past, he has found himself in the midst of a new conflict: a battle against poachers who have already murdered five of the forest’s eleven elk calves.

Alexey was able to secure funds for the building of a security fence that surrounds part of the park in order to protect the moose in the area a bit better thanks to the help of others.


Alexey is entirely committed to watching and caring for a newborn moose no matter what day of the week it is, if it is a holiday, or even if it is severe weather. He is always looking for a chore to assist with, and he is always aware of what the animal may require.

Alexey and his family are now surviving on the money they obtained in the past; he lives in a little house that is currently being built. He promises that he will finish the chambers (as himself refers to the animal area) first, and afterwards he and his demands.


The guy said in an interview with Nat Geo:

“Moose are Russia’s biggest artiodactyls. This is strength and power. I first visited Sumarokovo (a moose farm in the Kostroma area – Nika Samotskaya) in 2004, and I had a dream of saving the moose. The animals are completely trustworthy: they do not deceive you or betray you. If they love you, they will love you regardless of what happens, and if they don’t like you, they will tell you immediately away.”


These developing creatures must be fed every four hours, according to the former soldier, and without this care, the newborn elk has a little chance of surviving. Alexey has taken on the role of mother, father, and protector of the forest creatures with a lot of love and entire dedication.


Alexey now has four moose called Agat, Turquoise, Saphira, and Yantar, as well as an eight-month-old wolf, under his care in the refuge. His dedication to the animals’ care is admirable, and he is in charge of keeping everything in order so that they are entirely secure and comfortable.

Buran, the wolf cub who arrived with Alexey, had major stomach issues that needed particular attention.

alexy stated:

“I’m delighted Buran is youthful, powerful, gorgeous, satisfied, joyful, smiling, and naughty now.”