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Sweet Dog Is Caught On Camera Checking On His Kids While They Sleep At Night

Even when the lights are turned off and his family has gone to bed, this adorable puppy named Killian never ceases to demonstrate what a nice guy he is.

Kelly Rottet, Killian’s owner, recently posted a touching video of her dog’s lovely evening routine.

Killian is seen silently making his way about the house, stopping to check on the Rottets’ three children as they sleep in their beds, as if to confirm that everything is in order.

Rottet told The Dodo, “He does this a lot.” “He’ll go around the home all night, making sure we’re all okay.”

Here’s a clip showing Killian at work:

@kellrottet Our dog checking on the kids. #fyp #dogsofttiktok #dogs #animalsoftiktok ♬ original sound – KellyRottet

Killian generally finds a nice location to catch some Zs in between his small check-ins on his family — but even when he sleeps, it’s evident that his family is never far from his mind.

Nobody had to educate Killian to be so kind to his closest friends. His family, on the other hand, adores him all the more for it.

“Knowing he’s defending the house at night gives us a sense of security,” Rottet remarked.