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No One Wants To Adopt This Dog Because Of Her Physical Appearance

The first thing some people consider when forming an opinion about someone is their looks, regardless of what truly distinguishes that person, which, while it may seem redundant, is their personality and their sentiments.

This occurs not just with regard to other people, but we also form prejudices against any living thing that deviates from conventional notions of beauty and alters the way we perceive the world.

A dog with a physical abnormality who was born with it is an obvious example. Because of this, she has frequently been rejected or neglected, and her look makes it challenging to place her with a permanent home.

Safe Rescue Dogs

Bethany, an 8-month-old dog from Ukraine, was born on the streets; four of her siblings also have the same birth defect, but Bethany is the most severely affected. She was born with a facial deformity that causes her to have a deviated eye, a look to the other side, a snout that is fully tilted to the right, and exposed teeth.

She has become accustomed to people rejecting her because they initially believe she is ill, dangerous, or otherwise flawed when they first meet her.

Safe Rescue Dogs

Contrary to popular belief, Bethany has spent a significant amount of time in the Safe Rescue for Dogs shelter since it has proven challenging to find a family willing to adopt her due to her physical state.

Volunteers at the shelter see that when some people go searching for a puppy and see the dog, they don’t want to take her with them because they believe, incorrectly, that she has major health issues.

Safe Rescue Dogs

Volunteer at a shelter, Zoe Casey, told Metro:

“Bethany has no problems whatsoever; she doesn’t even snore when she’s asleep. Bethany is a beautiful, joyful little puppy who is all a pet could possibly be.

Safe Rescue Dogs

Bethany is so content that she isn’t even aware of how unique she is from the other puppies; her only concern is finding a family who will be able to see past her outward looks.

said Zoe:

People have a tendency to search for the ideal dog to pose with, but I believe that people should go a bit deeper.

Safe Rescue Dogs