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Man Shares The Adorable Way He Wakes Up His Blind And Deaf Dog Without Scaring Her

Your day will be made sweeter by reading this touching account of a dog that is both blind and deaf. Plum is an Australian Shepherd dog that is 10 months old and was born with a handicap. Aiden Michael Mann, her adoptive father, first struggled to wake her from naps since he was often startled by even the tiniest touch from her, but she has now discovered the cutest method to do it.

“Plum arrived in July. She was the loveliest puppy at six months old. She and her brother were being cared after by my employees, who frequently work with rescue organizations, while I was attempting to find them homes. I fell in love and wanted Plum the moment she arrived at work.”

Added Aiden

“I thought Lola, my other dog, would be a terrific home for her, and she was a happy puppy. He deserved a loving home and a good life, so choosing that wasn’t all that tough.


She is a beautiful and adorable little child who is gaining independence with the help of her adoptive father.


After a few tests, he discovered the most effective method for waking her up without making Plum leap in terror. She still stands a bit in shock as Aiden gently breathes on her muzzle, but she quickly rushes for her father to cuddle up next to her.


Aiden shared a video of his unique wake-up ritual for Plum on TikTok, where it quickly gained almost 13 million likes and nearly 54 million views.

Aidan stated:

“I didn’t anticipate it would have that many views. When I returned and checked TikTok, I was astounded to see his video become popular.


Due of Plum’s restrictions, Aiden discussed the challenges he had in communicating with her; it was a trial-and-error process.

Regarding it, he said:

“Learning to communicate and discovering what works and what doesn’t was definitely the toughest challenge. Since each dog is unique, what works for one dog might not be effective for another. As a result, it took a lot of trial and error for us to reach consensus.”