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Dog That Was Abandoned By His Owners Continues To Hug People Who Saved Him

There are creatures with such a wonderful heart that no matter what they go through, they never harbor a grudge, and Clarence is one of them. Despite his prior owners’ maltreatment and rejection, this furry refuses to fall in love with the people he crosses and instead offers them the most genuine hugs.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

Clarence was abandoned off in the parking lot of a Waltmar by his alleged family. When he was alone and unsure what to do, the hairy guy decided to hunt down two more dogs and adopt them as his life companions.

Other homeless dogs with whom he created a type of family were a German shepherd and a little Chihuahua.

The trio managed to survive in the harshness of the streets for months despite the struggles and demands, until one day an animal control patrol discovered them and pulled them off the streets.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

This 4-year-old dog turned out to be quite affectionate, and instead of being fearful or aggressive, he simply wanted to cuddle the kennel’s men. We’re not sure if it’s out of gratitude for getting him off the streets.

The terrible part is that when the shelter contacted Clarence’s owners (due to the microchip inserted in the dog), they refused to take the puppy.

They had no desire to retrieve it and admitted to abandoning it in a parking lot. The animal was condemned after being rejected by his previous owners.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

Fortunately, the adorable little companion did not meet that fate, due to Hounds In Pounds, a rescue institution in the state of New Jersey, USA. When the volunteers learned of the story, they resolved to assist the three.

They were only able to save Clarence and the German shepherd, who were both transported to the shelter run by the group.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

For the second time in his life, Clarence was saved, this time by individuals who promised him a brighter future. Despite all of the previous work, the dog remained as adorable as ever.

“He’s kind and loving, and he’s delighted to be secure with us.” Clarence’s golden fur is irresistible; it reminds us of sunlight, and we like his personality.

“It is bright, warm, and offers light to people who know it,” Cat Suzuki, the shelter’s founder, said.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

Suzuki came to Georgia to save the creature because he couldn’t bear the thought of it ending badly. Despite her excitement at the prospect of seeing him, the woman had no clue how nice and kind Clarence was.

She and the other caretakers told them that this puppy would make an excellent companion for any family, but that they would need to lavish him with attention because he enjoys being the focus of attention.

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds

Suzuki realized after the rescue that she needed to locate a gorgeous family for this tiny angel who might also be the ideal companion in various ways.

“He’s fairly lethargic,” the rescuer explained, “so a movie companion or cuddling partner would be excellent.”

CREDIT: Hounds In Pounds