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Just Because This Doggo Has Some Problems With His Back, His Grandpa Builds A Special Ramp For Him

People who love animals go out of their way to give their pets the life they really deserve. This particular grandfather built a special ramp so that his dog can climb onto the bed without much effort.

Daisy is a small Yorkshire terrier and Lhasa Apso cross dog, characterized by being very friendly and outgoing. People always ask her mother Rachel Johnson if her dog is a puppy, but in reality the energetic Daisy is 10 years old.


Daisy enjoys going on walks along the river near her home and chasing pigeons in her yard. Her busy lifestyle was unfortunately cut short a few weeks ago when she began to have difficulty walking due to her advanced age.

As a result, Rachel and her father decided to take her to the veterinarian, where they learned that the dog was becoming unwell.


According to Rachel, who spoke to The Dodo:

“They opted to take an X-ray, which revealed he had an issue with one of his back discs, which was giving him agony.

I had considered getting her a ramp at some time, but figured it would be preferable to do so now in order to prevent things from getting worse.


When the dog isn’t at work, she usually curls up in Rachel’s bed, napping and recharging her batteries.


However, due to Daisy’s current medical condition, the jump from the floor to the mattress had become quite taxing and difficult for her.


Rachel added:

“Daisy usually naps in my bed, and she always returns home when I leave her alone. She prefers to be in her own personal space.

Rachel’s father decided to act to aid Daisy because he was aware of all the difficulties and problems she was experiencing.


The dad understood how crucial it was for the small girl to have easy access to her favorite area because she had major hip problems. Daisy’s grandfather devised a scheme to retrofit a ramp adjacent to Rachel’s bed after considerable study and cleverness.


After careful preparation, the man was able to construct a custom ramp for his beloved dog using materials he already had on hand.

Rachel adedd:

“Fortunately, my parents’ room had recently been redecorated, so we decided to repurpose some of the previous furniture, and the ramp was the ultimate result.

It’s created from of my mother’s old dresser, folding table parts, and fake grass from the shed. We didn’t have to pay anything!’


Daisy is still getting acclimated to utilizing the unique ramp, but it is clear that Daisy’s chronic back discomfort has been substantially lessened as a result of your thoughtful gesture.

Daisy didn’t notice the ramp at first, and she only went down one side, but once the treats started to emerge, she became more interested.

«He uses it more to get into bed than to get out of bed,» Rachel explained. I believe he is unaware of its presence.


Daisy may need a lot of practice to utilize her unique ramp properly, but it was an excellent concept. For the time being, the little girl has a safe means to get on and off the bed, and she is able to manage her pain.