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Eris The Borzoi Is Stealing Hearts In Internet With Her Unique Beauty

This is Eris the Borzoi that has stolen everyone’s hearts in Internet. She is so famous now because of her long 12.2-inch snout.

Eris got finally adopted by the couple Lily and Savannah. They brought her home in 2018 and since then, they are besties and inseparable now.

Also, this Borzoi has gained more than 179k followers.

Can you believe that?

“We were always hoping to share some of the happiness and smiles Eris brings into our house, and in these last few months, it’s felt more impactful than ever. We’re so glad to be able to add a little tiny moment of light to all of the goodness shining through the world,” the owners shared their happiness with Bored Panda.

Eris is so unique, cute and very energetic. She is so lucky to have an adorable family.