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Man Reunites With Beloved Cat 14 Years After It Went Missing

In 14 years, a lot may change, but certain things remain the same, such as the affection shared between two old friends.

Perry Martin was residing on the Florida shore in 2004 when the state was slammed by Hurricane Jeanne, the year’s worst storm. Martin lost someone extremely important to him in the midst of the tumult and confusion: his beloved cat, Thomas Jr., or T-2 for short. The four-year-old cat had gotten out of the house and was nowhere to be found.


Martin told The Dodo, “I was horrified.” “I looked in every direction for him. My neighbors were on the lookout for him. All of my leisure time was spent looking.”

Martin reconciled himself to the fact that his cat was truly gone forever as time passed and he still hadn’t seen T-2.

But he was mistaken.


Martin never forgot about his beloved companion, whom he never sought to replace with another cat, despite the passage of time. He understood that if T-2 had survived the storm’s aftermath, he’d be well into his golden years at the age of 18. That felt improbable to Martin.

He remarked, “I was convinced he must have died away.”

Martin, on the other hand, received an unexpected call only last week. It was from his cat’s previous vet. A stray cat with a microchip had been rescued from the streets.


“‘Perry, what would you say if I told you someone had located T-2?’ they said. ‘Well, I’d probably tell you that you’re insane,’ I responded. ‘Well, the humane society has him,’ she replies. We used his microchip to confirm it.'”

Martin traveled to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast just in case there had been a misunderstanding.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. After 14 years, what’s new?” Martin remarked. “But it was him who did it. I recognized him as soon as I saw his face.”

T-2 appeared to recognize Martin as well; his old friend from whom he’d been estranged for 14 years. They were reunited at long last.


It’s only been about a week since Martin and T-2 reconnected, but things are going swimmingly. The two old friends have a lot of catching up to do, and they’re not going to waste any time.

“T-2 is still by my side. He’s been sitting on my lap and following me around like a dog “Martin said. “He’s genuinely purring, believe it or not. For the past 14 years, I haven’t heard a cat purr. I got the impression that he is aware that he is at home.”

T-2 is in good health despite being 18 years old and having spent the most of those 14 years on the streets. T-2 is frail and shaky, but Martin is confident that now that he’s back where he belongs, he’ll heal.

Martin knows just who to thank for this: the microchip that allowed the reunion to happen.

“Microchip your dog or cat. It isn’t very expensive “he stated “If you take the initiative to do so, make sure the information is kept up to date. During the years when T-2 was gone, I traveled around a lot. Even if you think they’re gone forever, update the information.”