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WATCH: Three Baby Bears Have Fun Wrestling on a Golf Course in North Carolina

A lady from North Carolina caught the beautiful moment a group of baby black bears transformed a golf course into their own personal playground.

Arden Botha of western North Carolina was visiting a golf course near Lake Toxaway when he saw three young bears having a good time on the green and began recording them.

On the golf course, two cubs wrestle with each other, while a third young bear tries to knock down one of the course’s flagsticks. Eventually, the bears flee into the woods.

After being uploaded on Twitter by Danny Deraney, who commented, “Good morning to these young bears playing on the green and to these baby bears exclusively,” the video has gone popular on social media, getting over 250,000 views.

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“The one attacking the flag never surrendered that I observed!” one Twitter user said in response to the beautiful post. “The two siblings in the background throwing it down are busting me up!” said another.

“This may be the only thing golf courses are useful for,” another joked.

If a bear is encountered, wildlife experts advise community people to remain their distance and avoid any interaction.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s Ashley Hobbs told ABC13, “Don’t feed them, don’t treat them like pets, and let them be wild animals.”