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Duck Can’t Swim Is Proud To Display Her Giant Floatie

“She is a Pekin duck, so she can’t fly, so to be hanging around a place where there is no water nearby is strange for a duck to start,” Alyssa Barry, founder of Alyssa’s Animal Sanctuary, told The Dodo. “But then this woman noticed she was staying up near the doors, near where people were, like she wanted someone to help her, and when she noticed she had difficulty walking and had a bad limp, that’s when she decided to


“We realized she had difficulties swimming straight away,” Barry told The Dodo. “When her feathers became wet, the water did not bead off of her as it should have, but instead saturated her and she became waterlogged.” So her ability to float and stay above water became challenging for her, and when she paddled her feet, her feet would touch one other, and she would instantly start exhibiting signs of stress, so we would pull her out of the water, and we quickly discovered that she wouldn’t be able to use our huge pool.”


“Of course, she has a kiddie pool that she can get into and stand in whenever she wants, but ducks like to stay with their paddlings (their group/family), so every day I would watch as her family went up into the pool and she would sit at the bottom of the ramp by herself until they came back down,” Barry explained. “It made me sad to see her sit alone at the foot of the ramp while her family played in their pool all day, simply waiting for them to come back down.”


“She immediately realized she could balance quite well on it, and she WANTED to be on it,” Barry added. “It only took her a few minutes to understand she was now in the pool with her family, and she was perfectly pleased to sit there all day.” We just picked her up and put her on her float on a regular basis, and she liked it. “I believe she finally felt like she was a member of her family again.”

Keeper had been so unhappy watching her family go to the pool every day and not being able to join them, and she is thrilled that she now has a means to be with them without actually getting in the water. She’s quite fine riding about on her floatie all day, keeping a careful watch on her brood as she glides around, and she’s effectively become the duck pond’s queen.

Even if the floatie is a little large, it has no effect on the other ducks. They like having Keeper around and admire her and her floating throne.


“The other ducks haven’t tried to go on her floatie or even bother her when she’s on it,” Barry explained. “She simply lays on it all day, and it blows around the pool in the breeze and works great!”

Even though Keeper isn’t particularly fond of water, her family at the sanctuary made certain that there was a plan in place in case she fell in the pool and no one was there to assist her. There’s an underwater ledge that stretches out from the ramp into the pool, so if Keeper loses her balance and falls in, she may get to the ledge safely and then utilize it to leap back onto her floatie.


“We’re working on widening the ledge to stretch the entire length of the pool, making it even more accessible for her, but her duck floatie has been life-changing for her,” Barry added.

Keeper is a little different from the other ducks, but owing to her duck floatie, she can accomplish everything they do – only a little more stylishly.