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The Dog Who Had Been Left Alone In The Woods Was Just Waiting For Someone To Notice Him

When RSPCA animal rescue officer Ruth Thomas-Coxon received a phone from someone reporting a dog curled up on the side of the road in the woods, she quickly drove out to check — and what she saw shattered her heart.

In a news statement, Thomas-Coxon remarked, “The tan-colored lurcher was fairly frail and slender, and extremely afraid.” “It was a horrible sight to see him curled up surrounded by ivy.”


The dog, subsequently dubbed Bang Bang, appeared befuddled and as if he was simply waiting for someone to come along and rescue him. He appeared to have been abandoned, and it was difficult to say how long he’d been out on his own. One of his rear legs was swelled, and he was starving, and Thomas-Coxon was grateful that someone had noticed him so she could provide him the assistance he needed.


Bang Bang was hauled in by the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Center, where his leg and other injuries were swiftly treated. They learned he was microchipped, but when they phoned the number, the family indicated they’d sold him a few weeks before, implying that whoever they sold him to abandoned him.

“Thinking about him out there on his own as the weather has deteriorated is sad,” Thomas-Coxon added. “I’m overjoyed that he’s safe now, receiving the care he requires, and will soon be able to begin his quest for a loving new home.”


Bang Bang was first terrified when he was rescued, but he rapidly warmed up to his rescuers. He was simply overjoyed to be in a secure environment with individuals who had so much love to share.

In a news statement, Olivia Duffill, deputy manager of Great Ayton Animal Center, said, “Bang Bang is doing incredibly well and his leg is healing every day.” “He has begun to bear weight on the leg, which is fantastic news. He is such a gorgeous, sweet-natured dog that adores cuddling and spending time with our team.”


Bang Bang is improving every day, and everyone at the shelter is ecstatic to get started on finding him the ideal forever home.

“Once Bang Bang has healed from his leg injury and has been completely inspected, we’ll begin seeking for a loving new home for him,” Duffill said. “He’s a fantastic dog that will fit in well with the appropriate household.”