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This Man Has A Private Animal Shelter On His Farm Near Istanbul- There Live Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, Goats, Birds…

Meet Mert Akkök, a man that lives in Instanbul. He has turned his farm into an animal shelter and that’s amazing.

He welcomes there not just dogs and cat but other animals as well. There live animals that need love and care.

In the animal shelter live 20 dogs and a lot of cats, goats, donkeys, birds, and other animals. Such an adorable gesture by this man.

“I have between 10 to 20 dogs on my farm. I rescue them from junkyards, forests, rural areas outside of the city. I try to find homes for them. Some of them stay with me forever. Especially very old and sick ones. Nobody wants to adopt them. Plus I have 46 disabled seagulls, 1 blind horse, 3 geese (they have a long story), 3 cats, and just today I adopted a baby donkey. For the time being, I have 23 dogs. Most of them are old or disabled.” he told Bored Panda.

These pictures are amazing as well.