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This Rescue Dog With A Crooked Face Hopes To Find A Home For Christmas

The life of Courtney Bellew, director of Special Needs Animal Rescue (SNARR) in White Plains, New York, is devoted to rescue the mistreated, ill, aged, and unwanted dogs of New York, New Jersey, and other places. When Courtney realized that a particular dog with facial abnormalities had been left behind by her previous owners at a Tennessee household, she knew she had to take action.

The dog’s unusual facial structure—which goes by the name of Woody—results from a prior accident rather than being an indication of a health issue.

“We learned that [his owners] neglected to take him to the vet after he was mauled by another dog at the age of 5 weeks. As a result of this incident, his face is deformed. But he appears to be in good health.

Before someone eventually called Courtney, poor Woody had been chained outside of his former home for a month and a half, subsisting on food donated by his neighbors.

And as soon as Courtney met him, she fell in love with him.

She uttered:

“Although he appears to be 8 months old, he actually acts much younger. He is very loving and lively. He is your standard comical puppy. His attitude and his face work together to make him very endearing since his face is kind of charming and amusing.”

Woody is cared for by Jamie Bond in the foster home, according to her:

She was ill with a fever on the first day we took Woody in. He never left my side even though he sensed something was wrong. He spent the entire afternoon on the couch with me. He is now my shadow; he always follows me and watches out for my safety. Woody enjoys curling up in bed and resting his head against my chest.