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This Dog Hid Her Puppies In A Ditch To Protect Them

Beautiful dog Nana concealed her pups in a ditch as she waited for assistance. She is 4 years old and has spent a large portion of her existence in appalling conditions. In North Carolina, she was chained in front of her human’s home, and through a Facebook post, they announced that they were giving her and her puppies away.

The neighbors did not think twice to step in to rescue the dogs, Nana and her nine puppies, and give them all the care and attention they required after learning about the dreadful circumstances in which they were living.

Nana had given birth three times, but the first two litters had sadly not succeeded in surviving.

After learning about Nana’s situation, Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) contacted Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue right away to offer assistance.

“They provided us pictures of the circumstances and situation they were in while residing there.” founder of Mr. Bones & Co, Elli Frank told The Dodo. We believe she moved the cubs to a ditch to hide them from the hot July sun. She hurt me so much.

The lovely family was residing at Mr. Bones & Co. when FFAS decided to take care of them until the puppies’ lactation period was over and they could be transported to New York.

The dogs were eventually given names after characters from Peter Pan: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza, and Jane. It was a gradual process in which an effort was made to win the dogs’ complete trust.

She was a guarded mother. We wanted her to know that she was safe and would remain safe with us and FFAS because she had suffered so greatly from loss and abandonment.