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Lost Sea Lion 6km From Home Stops Drivers To Plead For Help

The sea lion population on the California coast has grown significantly, and the authorities in charge of safeguarding the creatures have felt the necessity to shut specific locations to prevent the amiable otarinos from coming into direct contact with people.

A bizarre thing occurred recently on a major highway, Route 94 in San Diego, California: a bewildered sea lion weighing about 150 kg ventured out of its normal environment in the Pacific Ocean and, presumably, wanted to go for a walk.

Although they are often loving creatures, when some individuals approached him, his first reaction was cruel, maybe owing to his instinctual self-defense mechanism in dread of being mistreated. However, in general, he was usually quiet and tranquil.

Officials hurried to the scene, escorted by a SeaWorld rescue team, and learned it had travelled a long distance because the nearest shore was four miles away. They have no idea how he got this far, but he did. It’s remarkable to see a sea lion thus far away from its natural home.

“This has happened before, but never this far inland, as far as I know.” “We are quite astonished,” Jeni Smith, supervisor of the SeaWorld San Diego rescue program, said.

The rescuers understood exactly what to do in these situations, and with great care and the use of a net, they were able to halt the marine mammal’s progress. When he was finally rescued, they loaded him onto a vehicle and sent him to a facility where his medical condition would be reviewed.