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Without His Small Blanket, The Scared Dog Goes Nowhere

Flynn’s adoptive mother is fully aware that his blanket is one of the few things that helps him face his worries. And it’s because, for the past year and a half, this terrified dog’s fluffy blankets have accompanied him everywhere.

According to Shauna, who spoke to The Dodo,

«He despises boxes, shadows, and sacks, and he is terrified of our rescued cat, who has neither teeth or claws. He is terrified of his own reflection.


Shauna says she had no idea her enormous dog would get so attracted to the tiny blanket when she initially brought it home.

She keeps track of the following:

“I got one for a buck at the dollar shop, and it was intended to wipe his legs.” He made the decision right away that it was his to keep. He began to take her around and even offered to take her for a stroll. I had to return and get more. As soon as she wakes up, he snatches her and pulls her around the home and backyard.


For many, a little, insignificant blanket may be all that matters, but for Flynn, that blanket means so much more and provides him with the much-needed security to confront his worries.

These sorts of fuzzy blankets provide comfort to the timid furry and encourage him to venture outside.


Despite the fact that Flynn is considerably larger than the rabbits and squirrels who frequent his yard, he is scared of them, and the blankets provide him with the protection he requires to put his leg in the grass every day.

Shauna guarantees:

“He grumbles about not being able to stroll with his blanket. He enjoys stacking them in a mound.