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Every Single One Of His Toy Pigs Had Their Tails Ripped Off By The Dog

Diesel’s parents had no clue how much his husky would like a lovely little plush pig toy when they initially brought it home. He didn’t play with anything else for two days, and his parents assumed he’d trash it soon, just like the rest of his toys. They eventually discovered stuffing everywhere one day, but were perplexed when they noticed something was different this time.


Diesel had pulled the stuffed pig’s tail off, and that was the last of it. Aside from that, the pig was perfectly fine. Diesel’s parents got him another pig, and the same thing happened again two days later.

Diesel has pulled the tails off dozens and dozens of toy pigs since then, for no apparent reason, and his parents have no idea why.


“I believed it was for the squeaker at first, but we discovered the squeakers were still intact,” Diesel’s father, Tim Eberts, told The Dodo. “Since then, we’ve continued to purchase him more pigs because he seems to enjoy them.” He’d play with them for two days, concentrating on the backside, until one day he decided to tear the tail off and remove all of the stuffing.”

Diesel appears so happy of himself every time he tears off another tail, as if that’s exactly what he’s meant to be doing, that his father began photographing him with all of his pigs…


…and every now and again, he Photoshops the craziest smile onto his face to indicate how proud he is.

Eberts stated, “He never acts guilty.”


Diesel enjoys posing with his collection of tailless pigs, but for some reason, after their tails are removed, he refuses to play with them.

“Once the booty-eating act is completed and the stuffing torn out, he is no longer interested in the pigs,” Eberts explained.


Instead, his parents continue to purchase him additional pigs, perpetuating the cycle.

Diesel’s parents may never understand why he enjoys pulling his pigs’ tails off so much, but it offers him delight, so they’ve stopped asking questions and simply keep buying new pigs.