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Baby Boy Introduced To Corgi Puppies In Adorable Encounter

This toddler decided to go on a walk with grandma and her dogs and luckily grandma brought along her camera to film the adorable stroll on the farm.

“Decker and Barbi went on a walk with some of our Corgis and their puppies,” says proud grandma of her baby grandson in the video’s description. The puppies all have adorable names like Cheerios, Pumpkin and Waffles, Fluffers.

Pumpkin is a bit naughty and tries to knock over Decker to get him down to “kiss level” and although he listens to grandma a few of the others don’t and succeed in bowling him over a few times and smothering him with kisses.

Decker seems a bit flummoxed by all the attention he’s getting, and at times seems more interested in the dirt. But in the end he and the pups are having a wonderful time.