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These 2 Cute Shiba Inu Puppies Are Capturing The World

Mika and Zero are two Shiba Inu puppies living in Hong Kong, southern China. Mika the sister is playful, while Zero the elder brother often keeps a grim face. Thus Mika often makes fun of her brother and sometimes provokes him.

A video clip shows when Mika sticks her tongue in and out constantly in front of her brother, Zero tries to keep calm at first. But he then bites Mika’s tongue suddenly, which threatens her and she dares not do that again before her brother.

Months later, under the care of their owner, the two dogs have turned much fatter. But what has not changed is Mika’s character. She still provokes her brother time and again and there are interesting things taking place between them every day.

The owner often shares their photos and videos on Instagram. Now the pair has had more than 32k followers.