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People Are Uncomfortable Sbout This Little Dog Peeking Over A Fence

Junebug is my name. She’s an inquisitive small dog with a big personality.

But she can be a little tense at times.

Credit: TIM K.

In recent days, a photo of the 4-pound puppy has been making the rounds on the internet. Junebug is seen gazing over the top of a tall fence, her stare fixed on the observer in a pretty ghastly manner.
One individual who shared the image tweeted, “Never been more afraid of a dog.”

Let’s take a deeper look.

Credit: TIM K.

Junebug’s picture became viral. People have compared her appearance to Beetlejuice, the Joker, and even the horrific clown from “It” since then.

Is her expression a little creepy? Yes, of course. Junebug, on the other hand, is not at all frightening.

Junebug’s owner, Tim K., was tracked down by The Dodo to discover more about their “scary” dog and the viral photo. And, sure enough, the scary sensation that Junebug gives off isn’t based on reality. She is, in fact, a flawless angel.

“Without a question, Junebug is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet,” Tim added. “She is a people person. And she makes everyone fall in love with her. She’s the loveliest little thing on the face of the planet.”

Junebug, on the other hand, can look a little grumpy even when she isn’t.

Credit: TIM K.

But how is Junebug in the photo above peeking over such a lofty fence? There’s also a beautiful explanation behind that.

“In our backyard, we have a privacy fence,” Tim explained. “Every now and then, Junebug wants to see what’s going on on the other side of the fence, so I take her up and carry her.” We gave her the opportunity to have a look.”

Tim’s wife took the photo, which he chose to post online to a dog-loving group.

“It was just a cute photo for us,” he added. “It wasn’t until people started reacting… she has such an intense look on her face,” says one observer.

But that’s simply Junebug being Junebug.

Credit: TIM K.

Tim and his wife had no intention of their dog’s photo going viral or people thinking she was menacing. They are aware of the reality, though, and are eager to inform others about the actual Junebug.

“We’ve always loved dogs.” Tim stated, “She’s a member of our family.” “Junebug would be ecstatic if she knew how much attention she was getting.”