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Girl Can’t Help But Cry When Her Parents Surprise Her With A Puppy

Breanna, a sensitive young lady, has wished for a dog from her parents for years. Despite the fact that her family already had a large and lovely rescue dog, she insisted on getting a puppy. Breanna had recently experienced challenging changes in her life, so her parents wanted to give her a pleasant surprise—something about which they were unsure.

She had to relocate multiple times and lost close relatives. Due to these adjustments, her parents thought that the child would benefit from and enjoy having a pet as a companion.

“We felt having a companion would help her adjust” because “she was moving to a new house, school, friends, and location.”


Breanna’s father pretended to have some plush animals as gifts for her in order to surprise her. The young girl was given the first one, and when he handed her the second one, she was given her brand-new best friend, “Arya,” and she couldn’t help but cry with joy.


Jennifer expressed her delight at seeing her daughter with her new animal by saying:

“Her response touched our hearts in ways I never imagined possible. She was really surprised and fell in love with her right away.”

Look at the poignant occasion:

Jennifer went on to say

“When she began to weep and cried, ‘My baby,’ I knew we had picked her best buddy, she added. Something she wouldn’t have to let go of once more.


When her mother asked her whether she liked her new puppy, she could only respond with an ecstatic cry that she adored him since she was so thrilled and eager for the surprise.

Jillian added:

“We thought Breanna would be a fantastic mom since she is such a precious spirit and has such a wonderful and caring heart!”


Breanna hasn’t abandoned her pet even once since Arya entered her life. She sincerely thanks her parents for her new companion and expresses her happiness.

His mom stated:

They work together on everything and have already developed an unbreakable friendship.