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To Avoid Feeling Left Out, Family Members Give Their Dogs Their Own Graduation Photographs

Alex’s family had been wanting a dog for a long time, but they were waiting for the proper time, and that’s how they welcomed Ollie, a sweet Labrador, into their home. Everyone was ecstatic to finally get the dog they had wished for, and they treated him as if he were another kid rather than the family pet.

Ollie was born just as one of their daughters was about to leave for college, so he became the family’s newest son and is everyone’s favorite at home. Even family friends make jokes about how enamored with the dog they are. Every year, they go on vacation with their dogs, and it is forbidden to leave them behind.

Alex, Ollie’s older sister, told The Dodo:

“I’ve always treated Ollie as if she were one of my parents’ children. “It’s usually his favorite,” we joke.


Alex had graduated college the year before during the COVID-19 quarantine, but his graduation ceremony had been canceled owing to the pandemic, so the family planned a special celebration for him, which thrilled everyone at home because it meant Ollie could be there.


Alex and her family discovered that while she and her sister had graduation photos, her younger brother, Ollie, did not. Since this could not be left out of whatever the family does, they decided to photograph Ollie with his diploma.


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Alex explains:

“He’s a typical Labrador retriever that enjoys carrying things, so when we gave him his own certificate to hold for the photo, he was overjoyed. He received numerous praises as usual after a snap shot with the camera. We removed his headgear, but he refused to surrender his diploma.


It was a wonderful session, and the family had a great time that day, so Alex forgot about Ollie’s graduation photo until one day he returned home and discovered it next to his sister’s and yours on the wall.

Alex recalls:

“I had forgotten about the shot until my parents printed my graduation pictures. They didn’t want Ollie to be left out, so they printed his photographs without informing me. When my sister and I spotted Ollie’s graduation portrait on the wall next to ours, we both burst out laughing.


Visitors to the family room are no longer startled to find the dog amid the photographs on the wall. Everyone knows Alex and his family are dog-obsessed, and it doesn’t bother them in the least; they all love the new experiences.

Alex concluded by saying:

They’ve seen it all: Ollie has appeared on our Christmas cards, clothing, phone covers, and just much everything else. By now, all of our friends and family have learned to anticipate such behavior from us.