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Dog Falls In Love With Cat, Now They Are Inseparable!

Kelsey Gilland and her husband have an adorable dog named Paisleigh. But one day, they decided to go at PetSmart and felt in love with a cat named Oliver.

Also their dog immediately liked Oliver.

“When I saw the way they reacted together my husband looked at me and said, ‘Babe, it’s an orange cat, isn’t that what you’ve been wanting?’ Everything in me said, ‘YES! Please, let’s take him home!’”

So Gilland decided to go at the PetSmart after thinking of cat all night.

“I thought about that sweet kitty all night long and when I woke … I wanted to go back to PetSmart to see if he was still there,” Gilland said. “My husband was all for it. We got dressed and went to PetSmart, we took our own crate because we knew we were bringing him home if he was still there.”

Oliver was there and ready to go to his forever house.

“Oliver came right out of his cage and right over to Paisleigh without any hesitation as if he had known her his whole life,” Gilland said. “At first she just wanted to lick all over him but he didn’t mind at all. He was purring so loudly. They spent the next four hours together snuggling in bed with me before we let the other animals in to meet.”

Dog and cat love each other so much, they love to cuddle all the time.

Now they are besties and inseparable.