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Knitted Sweaters Are Given To A Cute Hairless Possum Who Was Saved Just In Time To Survive The Winter

If someone had not saved this hairless opossum and left it off at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, it would have suffered a horrible end (SPWRC). The tiny opossum Peach has a rare medical ailment called alopecia, which results in her losing all of her hair.

Peach would not have survived the harsh winter since this species of marsupial’s body coat of hair is essential for controlling its body temperature.

The man came upon the marsupial in Southwest Lubbock, Texas, USA, and felt he had to assist the opossum the moment he spotted her.


The SPWRC’s executive director, Gail Barnes, observed the man drop down a box in front of the admissions building while it was being recorded on video.

They were astonished and assumed it was a cat when a little, hairless hand peered out of the box when they opened it to see what it was.


When they recognized it was an opossum, they put it in an incubator for rehabilitation and estimated its age to be between 3 and 4 months.


Peach’s position was explained in a Facebook post by the rehabilitation facility, since she is unable to live in the wild owing to her illness. People generously reacted when they asked for winter clothing so Peach could stay warm.


Many online users who own hairless cats have been giving out clothing, while some are crocheting sweaters just for the sweet Peach.

Peach is healing well, and with the help of special care, she has been able to quadruple her weight during this period.


She wears knit sweaters that have been provided to her every day, and the rehab facility posts updates to display her fashionable new looks.