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The Guy Who Never Expected To Be A Cat Dad Returns With The Cutest Update

Paris Zarcilla’s life took an unexpected turn one morning.

He was going into his room to get a sweatshirt when he noticed a black and white cat hiding beneath his bed, something he had never seen before. He then realized she wasn’t alone.

Zarcilla had no intention of being a cat parent, but something changed at that moment.

Zarcilla could have picked up that trespassing family and left them off to a shelter, but he didn’t. Zarcilla, on the other hand, fell in love.

“Paternal instincts are starting to kick in. Zarcilla wrote at the moment, “Overwhelmed with feelings.” “I’m at a loss for words.”

Zarcilla wasn’t sure where the mother cat had come from, but one thing was certain: she had chosen the ideal location for her kittens to be born. Zarcilla was excited about his new role.

He wrote, “I’m a dad now.”

Zarcilla’s loving reaction to the kitties had gone viral on Twitter at the time. Zarcilla’s devotion and commitment to the kitties never wavered as the online limelight dimmed.

That was the beginning. Here’s how things are going:

It’s been nearly three years since the mother cat appeared beneath Zarcilla’s bed and gave birth to her kittens, and things have never been better.

That chance encounter has resulted in a lifetime of love.

The kittens have subsequently grown up as a lovely family with their mother and Zarcilla.

“It genuinely hurts to think about a life without children after almost three years,” Zarcilla told The Dodo. “They’ve taught me more about how to be a better human being than some of the people I know. And being around them has taught me some of the most valuable life lessons.”

Zarcilla had no intention of becoming a cat father, but he couldn’t see life any other way now.

“I knew my life would never be the same after I decided to retain them. Companionship from animals is as good as they say “Zarcilla remarked. “They are one of the most wonderful things that have ever occurred to me. As they grow, so do I. Stronger. Furrier. Meowier.”