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A Rescued Cat Becomes Friends With A Deer That Looks Out Her Window Every Day

Before spending time at rescue centers or with foster homes who are responsible for providing them all the care they need, all rescued animals aspire to find a forever home where they will be loved and welcomed.

Lulu is one of those adorable kittens who was rescued by Orphans of the Storm after living in appalling conditions. Thankfully, the group was able to place her in a foster home where she was eventually incorporated into the family.

Lulu had never experienced a gesture of love before, so her new family understood they had to be cautious. They realized it would take some time for her to adjust to her new existence, so they acted with caution and patience. Jennifer Burke, her adopted mother, had this to say about it:

“She is bashful and easily frightened.” As a result, we’re taking our time with her to properly socialize her and demonstrate to her that people are capable of kindness and love. She’s grown to appreciate being handled and rubbed over time. She enjoys having her tummy touched as well! She’s extremely lovely, and it’s been a lot of pleasure seeing her build her business from the ground up.”

Lulu had a room in her new home that she shared with Felix, another wonderful kitty with whom she had many adventures, but Felix eventually got a permanent home, and while Burke was thrilled for the kitten’s new life, she was concerned that Lulu would lose her companion.

The first few days were difficult for Lulu, but at the most inopportune time, a new animal emerged and fully captivated the beautiful kitten’s attention.

It’s a deer that, unlike the local deer, comes through the neighborhood very regularly, stopping in front of the window to consider who would become his great buddy. Dolly was the name given to her by her relatives.

“I observed Dolly outdoors and knew she was within sight of our basement bedroom.” As a result, I dashed downstairs to see if Lulu was gazing out the window. Lulu was perched on the top of the cat tree in front of the window, staring at Dolly. And Dolly had her eyes on Lulu!” Burke remarked.

Despite the fact that both young creatures appeared to be enthralled with each other, Lulu was initially wary when she first met the deer, but her buddy Dolly approached her carefully and earned her trust.

The kitten did not appear to be terrified; on the contrary, she appeared to be quite interested. The pair now enjoys gazing out the window at one other and spending time together.

The household has other cats, but they are terrified of Dolly and wait for her to be alone before playing with her.

Although her adoptive family wants her to find a forever family, they will miss her terribly when she departs, and Dolly will miss her as well.

“Lulu deserves an incredible individual who is patient and takes the time to make her feel comfortable so she may be cherished and nurtured. But that house could use some deer from the neighborhood!”