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An Unique Yellow Turtle Was Rescued By A Group Of People

A group of individuals in Odisha, India, staged an extraordinary rescue; they were perplexed when they came across a unique yellow turtle that no one had ever seen before.

According to The Dodo, the gang of rescuers turned the turtle over to the Indian Forest Services (IFS), who were likewise taken aback by the cute yellow turtle. The members of the IFS have come up with a notion concerning the animal’s look; they believe it has albinism.


From head to toe, the turtle has a brilliant golden color. Albinism is a hereditary disease in which melanin pigment in the eyes, skin, and hair is reduced or absent. Albinism usually leaves a white look, however certain non-mammalian species can reflect it in different hues, such as yellow in this example.

Susanta Nanda, an IFS officer, tweeted the following about the case:

“In Balasore, Odisha, a rare yellow turtle was seen and saved… Most likely, it was an albino.”


The young turtle appears to be healthy and active, and those who were able to observe and assist her should consider themselves fortunate. For the time being, the yellow turtle will be kept with forest department authorities until a suitable home can be found for her.