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In Singapore’s Nature Park, A Macaque Was Caught Trying To Put The Mask On

A macaque was captured in the act of masking up. The incident occurred in Bukit Batok Nature Park. The park is situated in Singapore. In the park, the macaque discovered an abandoned face mask. It attempted to wear out of curiosity. By seeing humans, the animal may have been able to replicate them.

Face masks, unfortunately, are here to stay due to the ongoing pandemic. Mask regulations are being re-imposed in a number of localities. Because of the delta variation, this is the case. The delta variation is a coronavirus strain that is new to science. Furthermore, as the situation worsens, a number of locations have been placed under lockdown once more.

The monkey was fidgeting with the mask when he was discovered. Many people were able to catch a sight of the animal. Some even went so far as to tell the animal to put on its mask. It almost got the mask on correctly. Almost. It accomplished this by suspending the mask from one of its ears. The mask was extremely valuable to the macaque. It wouldn’t let any of its friends near it.

Although the animal appears to be in good health, it may be in grave danger. The macaque could have been hurt by the discarded mask. Not to mention the possibility of contaminating it with the infection! Furthermore, the masks have the potential to strangle the animals. As a result, the poor animals should not suffer as a result of one’s disregard for the environment. This was also a concern expressed by Mothership.

Pollution is another major concern. Pollution has long been a big concern on a global scale. However, many people are tossing out their old face masks. As a result, the macaque’s mask was most likely a discarded one. COVID safety gear is being discarded at an alarming rate, according to Brill. As a result, it claims that a “new wave of litter” is rapidly spreading.

As the fourth wave hangs like a dagger over our heads, we must act more responsibly. In this situation, a wonderful first step would be to better manage our litter. Gloves, masks, tissues, and other items should be discarded in rubbish bins. They have no place in the open. As a result, we must always be mindful of our surroundings.