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A Kind Rottweiler Comforts A Park Visitor Who Has Lately Lost His Dog

Nato is a sweet Rottweiler that has a big heart. An elderly guy sat on a seat near where the dog was playing as Nato was visiting the park with his father, Dan McPierson; despite seeing the man alone, Nato reportedly felt compelled to walk over and say hello.

Dan soon recognized that the adorable puppy wanted to come say hello to that man in the park, so his father spotted him and gave him permission to walk to the bench, and Dan quickly realized that this was just what he needed.

According to Dan, who spoke to The Dodo,

Nato stared the man in the eyes as soon as he sat down. I could see Nato was happy when he answered affirmatively, but I could also tell he was unhappy.


They accept:

“After I recorded the video, the man informed me that he owned a dog that resembled Nato in some ways. I suddenly realized that we had previously seen him with that dog. He informed me that he had lately lost her and that being able to pet Nato made him feel extremely happy.


That man was in a state of bereavement since his pet dog had lately died. Dan was so touched to see his dog help someone else that he needed a little consolation, and Nato sensed that and tried to make him smile a bit.

The story began with a sweet rottweiler and that strange thing, and ended with many people’s hearts being broken by a short video posted on social media by his father.


They looked at each other so long and smiled so I asked…

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