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Puppy Gets Caught Taking Takeout Food To His Family’s House

Oliver is a dachshund that lives with his adopted mother Jessica Reanne Adario in Toronto, Canada. During his mother’s quarantine due to Covid-19, he was caught carrying food by a neighbor of his mother’s, Jagger Long.

Long was heading to the grocery store when he noticed Oliver returning home with a special fast food delivery for his family: a McDonald’s order.

Long was taken aback when he saw the small child, and he couldn’t help himself from filming the amusing scene.

Credit: STINSON2802

On Facebook, Long wrote:

“You got a hardworking dog there, Jessica Reanne!”

Here’s the video that Long shared with us:

Credit: STINSON2802

Despite the fact that Oliver seems to be alone on the pavement with food in his mouth in the video, his mother was only a few steps away. They appeared to have gone out to supper together, but the small one insisted on bringing everything home himself.

Credit: STINSON2802

Nothing compares to our furry companions showing us their unconditional love and loyalty during these difficult times when we must stay safe at home.

Oliver has a younger sister named Bridgette, whom he likes dearly, and the two of them work together to make Jessica’s confinement days more tolerable.

Credit: STINSON2802

On her Instagram account, Jessica wrote:

“He’s the finest; I’m really fortunate to have him.”