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After Being Rejected By Its Colony, A Rare Seal May Need To Be Saved

A unique gold-colored seal, which lives with its colony on the Russian island of Tyuleny in the Sea of Okhotsk, was born approximately a month ago. Marine mammal scientist Vladimir Burkanov was lucky enough to uncover the unusual and peculiar, yet endearing species on a trip to the island.

Because it is partly albino, it has golden fur, blue eyes, and pink fins, making it stand out among the other seals.

The possibilities of a partial albino birth are one in a hundred thousand, according to specialists, making it a unique species for research.

It’s possible that a rare seal’s colony will reject it.


Despite its charming look, the tiny animal has been dubbed the “Ugly Duckling” because it stands out from its peers.


Another golden seal named ‘Nafanya’ was discovered some time ago, but it was rejected by its companions since it looked extremely different. Now, marine mammal experts are worried that the same thing may happen to the new albino seal pup.


The small animal has not yet become an outcast of the colony, according to Vladimir, but there are indicators that it is being shunned.

The Siberian Times quoted Vladimir as saying:

“This puppy looks to be well nourished and energetic, indicating that his mother gave him plenty of milk. Other seals don’t seem to give him any attention, which indicates that something is wrong with him. They do not, however, pursue or bite him.


The creature is considered to have eyesight difficulties, and its prospects of aging and reproducing, according to Vladimir’s expertise with aquatic species, are small. For the time being, the specialists will keep an eye on the colony to ensure that the animal may be rescued if it is rejected.


If this occurs, the young seal will be moved to a Russian dolphin center, similar to how Nafanya was sent to Sochi. However, there is a potential that the little mammal’s colony may accept it, thus there is still hope for it.


Vladimir just posted a photo of an adult albino seal on Bering Island’s Severo-Zapadnoe colony on Instagram. That is to say, despite her unique circumstances, she has long been welcomed in good standing in her community.


This leads scientists to believe that their rejection hypothesis may be subject to exceptions, and that some colonies are more adaptable than others.

Vladimir had this to say about the image:

“This season, he did not engage in breeding and was only observed in the colony’s singles section. Perhaps this is the first reported example of a northern fur seal with an unusually colored coat surviving to adulthood.’


Hopefully, your colony will welcome the little seal, its unusual appearance does not detract from its attractiveness.