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The New Rescued Baby Monkey Is Overjoyed To Meet His New Family

Wild animals thrive in their native habitat and should not be considered pets, yet some individuals appear to be unaware of this and choose to keep an unusual animal as a pet.

The RSPCA of England got a call alerting them to the plight of a newborn monkey that had been kept as a pet in Essex. The members of the group decided to investigate the animal’s plight at the moment, and they were deeply affected when they encountered TikTok, a monkey.

Credit: Monkey World

Monkeys are wild creatures, not domestic animals, therefore he was clearly not getting the care he need.

Inspector Jack Taylor of the RSPCA said in a statement:

“Primates are extremely sociable, clever, and sensitive creatures with complex requirements that cannot be satisfied in a family context.”

Credit: Monkey World

Fortunately, the organization’s members were able to strike an arrangement with the animal’s owners and were allowed to take it into their care. Monkey World promised to take care of TikTok and give him all the attention he need after searching for the ideal foster home.

Monkey World’s director, Alison Cronin, travelled to the RSPCA facility to pick up TikTok and transport him to his new home.

Credit: Monkey World

The center’s employees planned to introduce him to his new family, two monkeys named Clydie and Ronnie, in the hopes that they would adopt him. Both primates had been rescued from dangerous situations, so they knew precisely how TikTok felt on those terrible days.

TikTok leapt on his new mom’s back and started wailing when he first saw them, but Clydie ignored him and began caressing him.

Credit: Monkey World

In a statement, the staff of Monkey World said:

“Clydie took it in as his own right away, uploading, fixing, and protecting TikTok.”

The monkey was estimated to be around six months old and weighed less than half a pound after various medical examinations.

He desperately needed his parents’ help, and he was fortunate enough to have it in his new home.

Credit: Monkey World

Clydie and Ronnie were so enamored with their new adopted kid that they never left his side, and they grew into a lovely family.

TikTok and his adoptive parents are a perfect illustration of why monkeys should not be sold as pets and should instead be left in their natural environment.

Thankfully, groups such as the RSPCA and Monkey World are working together to put a stop to this unlawful and destructive practice.

“Jack” stated:

«This young man has been stolen from his family and sold as a novelty pet to someone who doesn’t know him and has no chance of providing him with what he requires. It’s a scenario that should never occur.

Credit: Monkey World

TikTok now has a new existence in a secure environment where he will always be near his adoring parents, thanks to his saviors.