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Injured Fish Greets Diver With A Toothy Smile Every Single Day

An amazing picture was captured by underwater photographer in Hawaii, Yuki Nakano. She saw an adorable fish that had his right eye injured. So he wasn’t swimming straight. Fish was having a lot of health problems.

“When I first saw him, I was wondering why he was staying in the same place,” Nakano told The Dodo, “Even though he would normally run away.”

Photographer sees the fish now every day, at the same place. Not just that but fish always recognizes the diver. Also, she greets her with a toothy smile. But one day fish was gone and she couldn’t find him.

“I met him for days and he suddenly disappeared,” Nakano said. “I believed and waited to see him again.” “He makes everyone happy,” Nakano said. “I like to think he is now the most famous Hawaiian fish.”